I Give My First Love to You

I Give My First Love to You


Konnichiwa, minna-san! (LOL this feels so wrong)

Today’s to-do list was feeding my introversion soul after spending the whole yesterday hanging out with my hedon friends, which also turned me into a #brokebitj.

I was home alone with nothing to do, nowhere to be, such a little kind of free. LOL did you just sing along with me? Did you know what song it was? No? Okay, let’s go back to the main topic. The bored, boring me explored “Film” folder on my laptop and caught an eye on a Japanese dorama I’ve actually watched, titled Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (I Give My First Love to You).

This dorama got me quite nostalgic because the first time I watched it, I was texting a boy, whom now unfortunately becomes someone else’s *cough, cough* boyfriend, and told him the poignant plot (and he didn’t seem to pay attention lol). It was also the same day of Prince William x Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding. I remembered it all too well!

The main actors slash characters of this dorama are Masaki Okada as Takuma and Mao Inoue as Mayu. Just for your information, Makasi Okada also played as Asuka Masamune on the dorama version of Otomen. SADLY, no 3D man can beat the charm of my 2D Asuka.

Live-action drama of Otomen. Although I was disappointed with the visualization of Asuka, I was far more disappointed with the visualization of Ryo. SOURCE

Let’s jump to the story line. Takuma and Mayu were best friends since they were kids. They met in the hospital where Mayu’s father, who also happened to be Takuma’s cardiologist, worked. Takuma loved Mayu, and as cliche as it was, the feeling was mutual, Mayu also loved Takuma. While he happened to be her first love, she happened to be his last.

First Kiss of Little Mayu and Little Takuma. SOURCE

What an Inappropriate Dialogues of Kids! LOL. SOURCE


Takuma x Mayu’s Father. SOURCE

The story ended with Takuma, who had suffered heart disease since he was eight, finally died to a heart attack. How about Mayu? She was married to Takuma’s ashes, to fulfill their promise when they were kids.


Although it doesn’t provide the happy ending, I’d still recommend you to watch this dorama in your leisure time. It shows you the pain of loving someone vulnerable and being left by him, also the efforts. For the plot, you can simply Google it LOL I am not good with telling stories.

“I’d been thinking during my 7th stay at the hospital. that if I made it out alive again, I’d give you a kiss, I’d hold your hand, hug you tight and then I’d break up with you” – Takuma

“I don’t regret a thing. no matter how many times we meet again, I’d definitely fall in love with you again” – Mayu.

Darn Cute! SOURCE


Happy watching! x,



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