Physics. Again.



Welcome to my SHS life where those who took science are afraid of Physics quiz.

These days, I found it hard to understand things in Phys. What is the difference between centripetal acceleration and centrifugal force? What is the velocity of the arrow immediately after release? Why is it desirable to keep the wheels rolling on the ice without locking up? How come in free fall you feel weightless even though gravity is pulling down on you? And other complicated things which I am not sure will make me happy nor rich in the future. Like, do I look like someone who gives a damn? NO.

Back in JHS, I used to love it, I enjoyed learning Physics. WHY? I am 90% sure it was because my JHS Phys teacher: Pak Bambang. He taught us using a great method every teacher must adopt called as sersan –serius tapi santai. He made it easy and fun to learn Phys, no pressure at all. I bet now you are wondering How about her current teacher? Since this is social media and everyone can read this (tho I am not sure someone would waste their time reading my blogs), I am not gonna say anything but I really need another Pak Bambang to be a Phys teacher here, in Smansa.

Talking about Pak Bambang, I suddenly remember the most favorite partner in crime of mine, whose name is reaaaally long (by reaaaally I mean reaaaaaally): Sylvi Febriana Rachmawati Irnadiastputri (Reaaaally long, isn’t it?). I really, really miss her and those good old days doing silly-but-fun-af-and-worth-remembering things with her, like shouting random people names from second floor right after taking stressful National Exams Try Out. While others relieved their stress by going to mall, we were there, shouting like crazies, waiting for our ojek to come.


FYI!   Now, she is currently struggling with her Physics Olympiad stuffs. Sending tons of luck from here!! x

Missing a good friend,



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