Brabbeltaal #002


It’s 6 AM now. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night; 8 PM-11 PM. Yes, my sleeping cycle is a total mess. Okay, let me tell you my morning stories:

So, I’ve lost my glasses for the last 20 hours and – yes, as you expected, I was not able to find it because, as the one whose eyesight is -5, HOW CAN I FIND MY GLASSES WITHOUT GLASSES? (FYI my whole life is a blur without glasses, I cannot survive a day without it) and no help from any family members (except my papa, the only one who asked me “udah ketemu belum?” – though he didn’t literally help me to find the glasses but thanks, Pap, I appreciate).

The bad news: this morning I just found out that my iTouch home button didn’t work properly. It really confused me because I’ve always used the assistive touch 24/7 (you, home button, betrayed me) and I had no courage to tell my parents about this HAHAHA.

After those annoyance, I felt like posting something here so I searched my laptop. When I found it, the battery was only 7% and I COULDN’T FIND THE CHARGER.

WOW what a perfect morning to cry ok bye

Anyway, just found an article on internet about Alpha/ Beta/ Omega:

I was recently described as being “not girlfriend material” and I blame the fact that I’m an Alpha woman. I’m strong, empowered, confident, and successful. I’m also hard to impress, high-maintenance, volatile, easy to bore, and – shockingly, I know – single.

Remove the “and I blame the fact that I’m an Alpha woman. I’m strong, empowered, confident, and successful.” parts and TADAA! It describes me well.

Alright, I need to be strong, empowered, and successful to be a 10/10 Alpha.



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