H o l i d a y [Bonus: Short Reviews of 12 Young Adult Books!]

Semester break is about to end in a month, and I-unsurprisingly-haven’t done nothing much. Cliché.

“Sleep is for the weak!” they proclaimed. If that expression is true, then I am that one strong kid on holiday who turns out to be the weak when she has plenty academic shits to do. Shame on me, I just sacrificed tonight’s sleep to read book and do stupid dubsmashes. Aye, this gurl just wasted 3 hours in total to dub whatever she found amusing #not.

Highlight of the day (or night?): I found a bizarrely hilarious remix of Syahrini’s sticker on Line and dubbed it. It was like: “Alhamdulillah yah.. Sayah.. Cantik. Alhamdulillah yah.. Gak mau.. Sombong. Seperti itu.”  O Allah, guide me to the straightway.

Talking about reading books, I’ve finished a dozen of YA lovey-dovey books during this semester break. There I list them all below with an additional bonus: short reviews for each book!

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern.

I have a strong connection with the young Rosie Dunne: loving someone and not being able to express the love. This one is my most favorite one from the list simply because I can relate to almost everything young Rosie feels. Having to hide your feelings in order to maintain the bestfriendship. Been there, done that. Aforementioned that I feel what Rosie feels thus the plot is poignant for me (subjective review). However, even if you never encounter that kind of unfortunate event, this book is still enjoyable. A definitely good book for all the young adults out there, even better for those who suffer bestfriend-zone.

Filosofi Kopi by Dewi “Dee” Lestari.

Safe to say that this book of Dee’s is not my cup of tea. Many said that this one is a recommended book, but I’m the exception. This book is written in Bahasa Indonesia and consists of several short stories (I forget the exact number). I only manage to read two short stories: ‘Filosofi Kopi’ and ‘Mencari Herman’. That two are good but the rest of the book is not for my liking.

Just One Day – Just One Year – Just One Night by Gayle Forman.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a fan of series, but these books of Forman’s are exceptional. This is the most tempting trilogy I’ve ever read. Twas enjoyable and pleasant until I reached the third book (Just One Night). The way Forman ends the great story is sorta disappointing, as if he wrote Just One Night in just one night #punintended. It left me hanging with questions like: Really? After going through hundreds of page, you served me an ending like that? Did you intentionally want to torture your readers? Did you really write it in just one night? I am dead serious here. Although I was upset with the way Forman ended the story of Allyson and Willem, these books are real good books that force you to finish it in one sitting.

Paper Towns by John Green.

Contrary on popular opinions, for me this book is boring. I still don’t get the idea of why girls my age love this book so much. The John Green effect, I suppose. The only part I like is the adventurous night of Margo and Q doing the revenges. Finger crossed the movie will be better than the book because there will be Cara. I kinda like her.

Update! The movie is also boring…

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West.

I don’t have much to say about this typical young-adult book. A good book to read during summer.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

Frankly speaking, this one book is different from Sparks’ other books in a good way. Unlike the other sappy love stories, the story Sparks provided here will make your heart beats faster than ever. Especially when Katie’s past comes back and haunts them. I cannot even describe how much I love the fighting-in-fire-with-guns part! And the flashbacks, I love flashbacks as it allows us to know what has happened before she moves. This very well-written book also contains several “whoa didn’t see it coming” plot twist which I (and you too would) love. Such a good book to read even if you’ve had enough with all the love stories made by Sparks, this one is one of a kind.

Made for You by Melissa Marr.

THE CREEPIEST BOOK I’VE READ IN 2015! Made for You by Melissa Marr successfuly makes me sleeping in my mom’s bedroom the night after I finished this book. The Judge’s obsession towards Eve creeped me out. I cannot imagine if a friend of mine does a thing like The Judge did. I’M SO DONE. The stories are told in different point of view. Along with the read, you would get lots of clues about The Judge (the main culprit here. Damn he’s a freak) that will either help you discover who’s the real culprit or confuse you. Brilliant!

Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks.

Nothing else to say but “stay away from drugs”.

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu.

When the innocent was wrongly accused and everybody believed the rumor. Yes, another young adult book about false rumors, fake friends, and bullying. Let me tell you the truth: I was so drawn into the story that I felt like smacking the girls and the dead boy using my iPad. They are so snakey. I hate them. Besides, I love the fact that all the stories are narrated from different point of views – just like what Marr’s done on Made for You.

Wow, I just made a long list! The last thing I read is:

A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger.

A story about falling in love with your future stepbrother.. Challenging af!

Spending the holiday reading dozen of books in air conditioned room with warm blanket sounds ultra perfect for me, but I needed a real holiday! I originally planned a one week getaway at Jogja with good friends from HS, but as expected, my mom forbid me. Just my protective mom casually being a protective mom. Nothing new. Then we changed the plan to do makan-makan cantik somewhere in Jakarta or Bandung. We’ll see.

Anyway, today is the first day of school and work after a long-ass holiday. As I type this, I am being home alone with my growling stomach – the effect of eating 6 tahu jeletots (it’s a kind of fried tofu filled with chili and spicy spices). College hasn’t started yet. Part of me wishes it has to start soon, other part wishes the opposite. And I don’t think sleep is a good idea to kill the boredom..

Still don’t know what to do,



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