“If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time,” said A.A. Milne.

Dear my Keeper,

Are you skeptical about the validity of one famous sayings on Tumblr, “When you cannot sleep at night, you are awake in someone’s dream”? If you are skeptical, I could give you the answer if only you answer my question, Have you had a hard time trying to sleep last night? If it is a yes, then it’s safe for me to say: that stupid quotation is true; for you appeared in my dream last night.

That was vivid but I could not remember how it exactly started. My memory could only recall the scene where you, all of sudden, sent me messages on IM saying that you missed me and you asked me to go out. You told me to meet you at the place where we first met. I was shocked to see how thin you were in person; only skin and bones. After some awkward conversation, you confessed that you loved me. I was taken aback, startled, confused; yet happy to know that you loved me back. I didn’t say anything, all I remember is I ran away.

Then, I opened my eyes and realized it was only a dream. My heart beat faster than ever. No smile brightening my face or butterfly in my stomach, no feeling of excitement at all. Because I realized that I would never – while secretly hoping that I would – be able to be with you in real life. Reality slapped me right in the face.

Was it really you?

Why didn’t you stay longer?

Why was it only a dream – my dream

It has been more than five years spent without your voice, your loud laugh, your awkward gesture, your whole being. Are you doing well? I hope, I believe you are. I don’t have much to say but give yourself a good night’s sleep every night and eat regularly, please. Seeing you that thin irritates me – even it was only on my dream. You are the one who knows your limits, don’t push yourself. Whenever you are down, seek help through patience and prayer. Always pray to God.

I hope you are always showered with blessings and surrounded by happiness.

Till we meet again, in real life.

Ps. I miss you.


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