High School Vs. Uni Life

Happy Thursday, Y’All!

Apparently, this week is the first week of uni after months of not-so holiday. The third semester is gonna be more complicated than the previous semesters, especially the subjects. Just in case you’re wondering how complicated they are, here I give you the list:

  1. Basic Physics 2 + Lab,
  2. Transport Phenomena,
  3. Physical Chemistry,
  4. Analytical Chemistry Instrumental + Lab,
  5. Mass and Energy Balance, and
  6. Cell Biology.

See? My precious youth will be filled with tons of physics and chemistry related subjects – even there is a thing named Physical Chemistry. For me, who understand nothing about Physics, especially electric-magnetic shits, this is gonna be the death of me. However, I will still try my best to get higher GPA to make up my super-duper disappointing scores last semester #selfpromise.

In order to maintain my GPA, I’ve made several new strategies, including not sitting in the back of the class anymore. Want to hear my sad story which is led by this new strategy, no? Whatever, I’m gonna tell it anyway. I was chosen by Pak Arif, my Basic Physics 2 teacher, to be the class leader. Finger crossed.

Anyway, I am kinda grateful for this thing called Cell Biology! ANDDD GUESS WHAT? The lecturer use Campbell as the main textbook. Couldn’t be happier because, hard to admit, I miss learning anything about biology. This reminds me of my extracurricular back in high school, SC, and all of the suffering I’ve survived. I missed all the training with biology gurus although I understood none about biology.

I am actually here not to whine about the new semesters; I am here because I miss my high school life. Earlier this day, I found out an old photo of me and my most annoying chair mate, Nuel. That photo was taken around seven in the evening, in front of our class. That was probably the first time I stayed at school till dark. Back then, I stayed late at school because I wanted to. No forces, at all. All we, the freshmen, did was laughing, sharing stories, getting to know each other better, and taking loads of photos.

How about now? Uni life is not as sweet as high school – so are the people. They forced you to stay at uni till 10 PMor so, doing things which is not listed as important-nor-exciting things for me e.g. Supporting the athletes (sorry not sorry but I’m not really into it). They’d become more annoying as you rejected them; preaching from A to Z. Giving you speech about solidarity and matil while they didn’t really know (nor care) about the reasons behind. Those people would feel more superior than others just because they supported the team till almost-midnight. They talked about solidarity while they actually gave zero fucks about others. Bullshit.

Sorry not sorry for babbling about this.

Here’s a thing: you do you, I do me.

Peace out.


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