Me and You: ἀσύμπτωτος -Not Falling Together

Re-read my old posts then hit upon a post:

If I were a function you would be my asymptote –I always tend towards you.


Wikipedia (LOL sorry for citing from an unreliable source) says that the word asymptote is derived from the Greek ἀσύμπτωτος (asumptōtos) which means “not falling together”, from ἀ priv. + σύν “together” + πτωτ-ός “fallen”.

Not falling together.

That term somehow describes me and you (I’d never dare to explain us as us; it’ll always be me and you forever). No doubt, if I were a function, you must be my asymptote. You know, we –I– tend towards each other, but never ever mean to be together. We get close, so damn close, but will never meet.

That shit is really deep. Why did I post that as a pick up line? Fml.


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