Tiara’s Bucket List!

What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?

Hi! I come up to an idea to list all the things I want to do or achieve before I die a.k.a bucket list. For me personally, planning a bucket list is really fun! Even thinking that at some point of life I’d (hopefully) be able to make it come true makes me really happy. It also motivates me to do better so that I could check all the list before I die. So, to share the happiness with you (and also to encourage you to plan a bucket list), I share my bucket list to you:

#1 Fold a thousand origami cranes

It’s not that I believe that after folding thousand of it my wish will be granted, tho. The thoughts of spending days folding origami sounds a little bit fun, and stressful.

#2 Have a private gig with John Mayer

He is the only musician I’ve devoted myself to. I mean, never have I loved someone I barely know as much as I love him. So, having a private gig with him must be added to my bucket list! That being said, I have to work my ass off for $$$.

#3 Give umbrella or raincoat for random strangers who don’t bring any

#4 Learn to fly a plane

#5 Stargaze with the loved ones or glamping under the stars!

#6 Adopt ALL the endangered animals from WWF

#7 Join archery and horse riding class; archery on horseback

#8 Knit a scarf and give it to someone special

#9 Fly first class to NYC and spend the New Year’s Eve in NYC

#10 Dance in the rain on midnight

#11 Go to club with good friends. (No alcohol allowed!)


#12 Plant trees or flowers; make my own garden

#13 See northern light with my family

#14 Invent healthy version of indomie

#15 Come back to Köln

I will continuously update it once I complete current items (I will probably make short posts about things I’ve completed!) and come across new ones.




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