Tuesday, 02:50pm

Who would expect a sudden rain in the middle of June.

For June was supposed to be warm, full of sunshine and bright skies.

But what happened this morning was the total opposite: it was raining cat and dog.

She has never been a fan of rainy days. She loathed the humidity, cloudy skies, and unmanageable hair. Not to mention the traffic jam that somehow was caused by rain.  

Now she was on the bus, on the way home. It was only ten people inside, including her. She was relieved that today’s bus was not crowded. For she needed to feed her introvert soul after a long, exhausting day dealing with people. Staring at the raindrop on the window, then at the pavement, she tried to enjoy the long, boring 40 minutes ride.

Her Tuesday was full of disappointment: the sudden rain, sharp and mean professors, irritating classmates, cancelled plans, too-salty meal for lunch. The list went on, and on. The universe was definitely not on her side today, she sighed. She reached her sling bag, searching for her iPod.

As she listened to songs that has been shuffled, her gaze met a familiar creature riding bicycle on the opposite direction. That was him, with headphone on, wind-blown tousled hair, grey shirt that looked great on him as always, looking so good and pleased. Her lips curved up, thanking the universe for sending a healer for her bad day.

As he passed by, she then contemplated, how barely she knew about him.

She never knew what songs played on his morning playlist, nor the songs he put on his playlist yet he always skipped. She never knew his favorite color –is it grey, blue, black, or red? She couldn’t tell. She never knew the reason he only wear his black hoodie on Monday morning, or the reason he kept his hair long. She didn’t know, and would never have the chance to know.

She only knew a few about him, the slightest fragments of him. By slightest she meant everything everyone already knew: his name and his straight As score. That was all, she thought. As she realized it, she frowned. Jealousy and disappointment struck her.

But, she didn’t realize that she also knew the way he responded whenever she asked something to him, with warmth radiating through his smile, or sometimes a bit of laugh –that made her face turned red and her porcelain heart beat so fast. She forgot how patient he was when explaining things she hardly understood, or how he encouraged her when she was so low. She, too, forgot that she knew and still remembered how he smelled: soft cologne and sweat, the scent she wished to linger on her body forever.

She might only knew a few, but all she knew was what important. For that she would never have to be disappointed.



  1. Secara ajaib kita selalu mampu mengkap detail-detail tak terduga dari seseorang yang spesial bagi kita.
    Itu sebabnya orang-orang selalu bingung ketika ditanya apa yang menyebabkan mereka jatuh cinta kepada ‘dia’.
    Ketika topiknya adalah tampan. kita cenderung lupa benarkah kita menganggapnya tampan sehingga kita jatuh cinta, atau kita jatuh cinta sehingga menganggapnya tampan.

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