Too Early Quarter-Life Crisis.

Here comes the day when listening to Stop This Train will cause a sudden urge to cry.

Exhausted is definitely an understatement to describe the first seven weeks of the fourth semester. Although the long, tiring midterm exam week has finally departed, I still have to face another seven weeks of classes before flying half world away. Seven weeks of endless tasks, quizzes, dealing with irritating mates. God, I don’t know why but uni life is too tiring to handle. Even 7-to-5, Monday-to-Friday high school schedules never have been this tiring.

The most sad, tragic thing is, I can feel that no passion left in me. I just live by the main streams. Waking up at 6, getting ready for classes, attending the classes, socializing with friends, smiling, laughing at unnecessary jokes, doing the homework, doing an intolerable amount of lab reports, sometimes crying over life, and cramming for exams. There, I explain my cycle of life for the past seven weeks, and for the next seven weeks.

I need to escape. I need to get lost.


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