Superman Got Nothing On Me.

As they walked to the nearest bus stop, he studied a young woman steps ahead of him.

He had been secretly holding back his feelings and emotions for her. Four years, he counted. The feeling had developed so strong, he no longer could control it. Even looking at her back made his blood rush through his veins.

He remembered it well, it was 2010, the first time he moved to J-town. First day of school after long summer break. In a room full of unfamiliar faces, she found him. She smiled at him, with her crescent moon-like shape of eyes and a hint of a pair of bunny teeth.

At first, as an absolute winter as he has always been, he was annoyed by her cheerful traits, but as days passed together, the big smile she showed every time she greeted him was his third favorite things of her. He fell for her spring personality, as he always described. It melted away his winter.

The second were a pair of completely black eyes with dark circles under, plus the smiling eyes she never failed to make. How willing he was to get lost in that black depth. Once he got lost, he did not want to be saved.

People might wonder what the first was. In most of the stories, boys love girls’ eyes the most, but his story was very, very different.

His most favorite feature of hers was her caramel-colored hair; the shade of brown that completed her pale skin, the shoulder-length hair she rarely combed but always looked perfect in his eyes. He really loved it, and he loved it most when she stepped out into the bright sunlight. For he could see a very beautiful shade of golden brown on the top of her head. She was so beautiful, yet unreachable. As if she herself was the sun, and he would be burned if he touched her.

That was the reason that now he was soaked by the rain. She did not have an umbrella so he gave her his to keep her hair from getting wet. Her wet hair was the least he wanted to see -at least for now. Too bad, nothing left in his bag to cover himself from the raindrops.

The walk took longer than he expected.

His feet tiptoeing across wet leaves to avoid the puddles of mud and water, his mind flew back to three years ago. They were on a fast food restaurant; her picking up the pickles inside the cheeseburger, him taking in her beauty. She told him that she wanted to date Superman. I needed someone who would protect me 24/7. Superman would, she explained.

Three years ago, his respond was a long laugh. But, today, as the raindrop slid down his face, and the feeling grew stronger, something got into his head: Superman never flew through rain*. That superhero would never protect this young lady when it’s rain,
but he would.

And she would never realize.

*cr: John Mayer’s tweet.



  1. Bagian paling so sweet:
    That superhero would never protect this young lady when it’s rain,
    but he would.
    And she would never realize.
    -Order one ‘he’ for me please!-

  2. It’s so amazing short story😍 Btw, The title of it reminds me the lyric of ‘One Call Away” by Charlie Puth hehehe maybe you can translate it into bahasa too..

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