#TravelBlog Dresden, Germany: First Time Entering A Cathedral!

During my study visit, I wandered inside four cathedrals in three big cities of Germany: two in Dresden, The Majestic Kölner Dom, and one in Frankfurt am Main; my favorite was the big one in Dresden – the very first cathedral I went into. I wasn’t sure about the name, but based on my today’s Google research, I am nearly ninety per cent sure it was Frauenkirche. I liked this one better than the famous Kölner Dom, it was too gothic for my liking (pun intended).

The breathtaking Dresden Frauenkirche. What’s not to Love? Source

From afar, the cathedral that’s located in the heart of Old Town of Dresden seemed so divine, once you stepped inside, no words could explain the beauty of it. The architectural style and the paintings inside this grand cathedral were breathtakingly beautiful. With the perfect lighting and calming scent, I could spend the whole evening sitting inside and not whining. The ambiance inside the cathedral made you felt spiritually at peace in some way. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing close to intention of converting my current belief crossed my mind, I just loved the whole concept of their place of worship. End of story.

With two other friends, I moved aimlessly to see every inches of the cathedral. Despite the fact that none of us worships Jesus, we had to admit that we enjoyed being inside the cathedral. We only had the chance to spend fifteen minutes in total because we had to go back to the hotel to rehearse tomorrow’s post-research presentation. However, I was honored to witness the interior of cathedral and feel the ambiance by my own, one thing I’m not sure I’d be able to do back in my hometown – where going inside a holy place that doesn’t belong to your own religion will lead you to be trash talked by some bigot.

Beauty of Dresden in one frame. Source

BONUS: Dresden Travel Blog!!!

“Memorize the beauty, absorb it. Let it fill the spaces in your heart, let it coat the cracks in your soul.” – Yours by Jasinda Wilder.

One of the best spots in the Old Town of Dresden, especially when The Sun shines brighter than your smile. Source

If you pay a visit to Germany, don’t miss the chance to stop by Dresden and spend your afternoon at the Altstadt, in English: Old Town, of Dresden. Comparing to other old towns I have visited during the trips, Dresden’s won my heart and soul. It felt so magical that if anyone ever told me a nonsense story like this: Centuries ago, Fairy Godmother had stopped by Dresden and saw a true wasteland strewn with boulders. She felt bittersweet then she swung her magic wand and cast a spell on the barren land and POOF! She created this Altstadt, I would be convinced with no hesitation. The old town offered loads tourism sites you could enjoy; most of them are historical buildings, that exploring it in one day was clearly not enough. The main attraction was the cathedral I’ve described above.

Besides the cathedral visit, I advised you to spend your evening in Brühl’s Terrace a.k.a The Balcony of Europe! There, you could enjoy the view of Elbe River after a long walk along the old town. All you have to do is climbing up the ladder, which I prefer to describe as the stairway to heaven. It may sounds exhausting, but worth the pain.

Fun fact: I went there with five other friends. Some of us were hesitated to take longer walk after exploring the old town, so we decided to go back to our hotel. But, yours truly was very, very skeptical when she saw a stairway, which she believed would take her to a magical place, so she persuaded her friends to keep going. Yours truly’s feeling’s never gone wrong.

Brühl’s Terrace provided you the kind of beauty that possessed your soul, the kind of beauty that that took your breath away for seconds, that kind of beauty that made you forgot your home, that made you wanted to wander more, to fly higher, to run farther, to explore the beauty of the other side of the world. No, am not exaggerating, it was just t h a t good. Once you  made it to the top, you would not complain. The view was glorious; I fell in love immediately with Dresden.

The Balcony of Europe. Source

I consider it will be a great experience to wait and watch the sunset from The Balcony of Europe. I do not know whether or not it’s possible, but if you have the chance, try. That was a dissatisfaction to miss the chance to eye-witness the beautiful sunset with my own eyes due to the rehearsal. Later, if I ever had the chance to revisit Dresden, I’d be willing to wait until 10 PM to see the sunset from The Balcony of Europe. Finger crossed!

After enjoying Dresden from the terrace for one good hour or so, we had to climb down the other stairway to go back to our hotel. When I was there, there was a big “LIEBE” graffiti painted in white. This reminded me of The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, a novel by Jenn Bennett, where the main characters was a graffiti artist in disguise who left message by painting words by words in different places around the town. (If you are on your leisure time, do read this novel. Bennett will give you thousand plot twists you’d love!). Frankly, I was wondering where the “ICH” and “DICH” part was. LOL. There was also a street musician at the end of the stairs. Bonus point for Dresden!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with M5 preset
Captured by Andy K., Edited by yours truly

Because this was meant to be a travel blog, I would also tell you about the hotel. I stayed in Motel One Dresden for one night only #sad. The strong point of this hotel was the location; you could reach the Altstadt in walking distance. But be careful! There were loads of locals who rode bike, so watch your step. The distance was not-that-near, especially when you were forced to stroll with nosebleed and upset stomach, but the view along the walk was ungodly pleasing. Definitely worth the pain your feet would feel after walking back and forth. A pro tip: bring your analgesic balm, you might need it.

One of the view you’d see along the street. Be careful! Source

Besides the location, the facilities of the hotel were quite satisfying. I’d rate it 7.5/10. Similar to the one in Berlin, the free-WiFi was sufficiently fast and the breakfast was great. They also had one cozy lounge where you could discuss your paper without any disturbance besides the dimmed lamp. I didn’t know the price, at all, because it was all covered by DAAD, hit Google for further information.

The last is about the weather. Well, summer 2016 hasn’t been nice at all but Dresden had the greatest weather among all. The Sun shone bright but it was quite windy. The humidity was low so for those who are prone to nosebleed, brace yourself. Other than that, there’s nothing you should worry about. With your favorite T-Shirt, leggings, and sneakers, you’d be ready to take in the beauty of Dresden during the summer!

Enjoy Drrehzden!




  1. Indeed Dresden is something special. I really envy my friends who are living there. It is so strange that I never saw Dresden really during my years living nearby.
    Btw those steps are really a bit hard, especially when you have to carry a baby pram up and down multiple times ;)

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