[Chapter W Project] CALL FOR ACTION: Kado untuk Perempuan Istimewa

Before I start writing here, let me show my gratitude. I was selected as a campaigner of this very, very generous ideas of Chapter W’s. Too bad, due to some reasons I couldn’t perform well during the campaign. Then here I am, trying to mend everything before it was too late.

Call for Action - Mothers Photo.png

Every mankind should have at least one special woman in their entire life, regardless their ages, races, sexuality, etc. To that special woman, they treat them well. Never letting those women lack of something – at least their basic needs are well fulfilled. Nowadays, basic needs don’t only revolve around foods, clothes, and housing, but also electricity.

However, the Earth never works in ideal condition. There are women who cannot afford electricity; they are the people of Kabupaten Lebak, Banten, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. I am very ashamed to know that those who live few kilometers away from me barely enjoy the electricity, while here I am making the post about them with a charged laptop that will be dead as the electricity goes down.

Call for Action - Release Poster 1.png

Worry not, we could help them to live the better life they deserve. How?

My dear friend, it’s so easy. Join this campaign with me! First thing first, you have to register yourself at the website of Chapter W (click here!). Then, upload your photo with whoever women you find special in your life. Be it your mom, your sisters, your teacher who taught you how to calculate the electric current during Physics class, or maybe a friend you found inspiring. Upload as many as you may; so you could help those women to have better access to their basic needs. Is that enough? No. The act of kindness should be done by many. Spread the campaign. 

Final Reminder - Weekly Progress 3.png

The campaign will end soon but we hadn’t hit the target yet, so be hurry! I believe that once you join, our target, the 5000 uploaded photos, will be achieved. Trust me you’ll lose none, but gain many after joining this campaign. Let’s bring back the light out of darkness!



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