What Keeps Me Going: Vanilla!

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I just survived a hellish semester. Yay me! Can you guess which subject I got the highest score during my three years of being (trapped as) an engineering student? ENGINEERING ECONOMIC! I should’ve really enrolled the Accounting major instead.

So far the fifth semester has been the toughest and roughest semester I’ve ever been. All the seemingly without end assignments got me several minor breakdowns to the point I almost cried once during a group discussion. The forlorn side of me once came up to the craziest idea ever: to kneel in front of my academic counselor so she let me to drop all the course. LOL. Lucky me, God granted me some supportive friends who knew where to stand and helped me to get through all the hardships. #LoveThemAll!

Besides the presence of dearest friends, there were also things that kept me going through these tough situation, which I’m gonna leak for you readers now.

I tell you a secret: whenever life gets harder than before, I always spritz vanilla body mist ALL over my body. The more stressful the situation is, the more volume of it should I spray all over my body. That being said, if you happen to pass me by and smell a strong hint of vanilla, it means my level of stress is beyond the limit! [You should approach me and pat my head to reassure me. JK]

Vanilla scent DOES REALLY help me to decrease the stress level inside my head. Whenever I feel devastated during the day, I’d just sniff my wrist and feel better afterwards. Pretty sure that’s not only a Placebo effect because quoting from Social Issues Research Center:

Medical experiments have shown that vanilla fragrance reduces stress and anxiety. Cancer patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging – a diagnostic procedure known to be stressful – reported a massive 63% less anxiety when heliotropin (a vanilla fragrance) was administered during the procedure.

The after effect of vanilla mist turns me into a sucker for vanilla-scented everything. Now, not only vanilla body mist, I also depend on other toiletries with vanilla fragrance. I am a huge fan!

Along with this post, I’m also gonna share my Top 3 Vanilla-scented Toiletries I’ve been using for ages! You may check these products out before your next grocery shopping.

Body Mist: The Body Shop – Vanilla Body Mist and Victoria’s Secret – Coconut Passion 
Lip Balm: Nivea Lip Butter – Vanilla & Macadamia
Body Foam: Bilou (Bibi Loves You) – Vanilla Cake Pop

I’m honestly planning to write some #ProductReview for those three (well, four) toiletries products. AREN’T YOU EXCITED??? x



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