Pre-birthday Surprise: When the Words “Birthday” and “Surprise” Didn’t Go Well Together

Hello! Another long overdue blog post.

I was supposed to publish this one before 2016 ended, but I was so caught up with finals which was followed by me being sick for a week so I abandoned this blog. So today let me publish one of the life-changing events during twenty years of my life (also the reason between my failure in Separation finals). Have a seat.

That was Friday. It’s hot as hell outside even the AC couldn’t keep me from sweating. Well, I wasn’t sure whether the sweating was caused by the weather or the nervous feeling before finals. I was gonna have Separation final test in less than thirty minutes. The most challenging subject during the fifth semester.

That Friday was also marked as a week before my 20th birthday in which the universe organized an unforgettable pre-birthday surprise for me. That was a blast! I was very well surprised to the point I had nothing left to say as it’s happening.

I was on the way to campus; sitting nervously at the back seat of my car, mumbling some prayers regarding my finals. Everything went well right before my car was hit by a drunk driver. BOOM! I still remember the high pitch sound.

Being all surprised and shocked, I turned my head. At that time I was not aware that someone hit my car, I thought it was some explosion outside. I finally realized what’s really happening when my driver was being quite mad and opened the door. Then I turned my head again to see no distance between my car and that red car behind.

When it happened, I honestly played it cool. That’s true that I was surprised, but that’s it. I didn’t overreact. Nothing serious happened. However, as I entered the class full of people, I felt dizzy and spaced out. All I did was sitting on my chair unable to think clearly. My mind kept flying back to the moment when the accident happened. When a friend of mine asked me something regarding Separation that I’d supposedly mastered, I couldn’t even give her a proper respond. The worse, as my lecturer came and everyone’s seated, I stared at the blank wall for quarter of hours or more. My whole being failed to respond everything. I also failed in answering my final test.

Before I encountered this minor car accident, I never paid attention to the effect of car accidents on the victims. I thought it was only an “Oh, shit!” moment that only lasted a second. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. However, after experiencing that by myself, I finally understood that bad experience, no matter how insignificant it was, would left a psychological trauma. It might seem insignificant, but it would eventually bother you in one way or another. As for me, it left me scared and confused, resulting in not being able to concentrate on my on going test. All the things I’ve learned about Chromatography and Extraction was suddenly vanished! Everything had been washed away from my memory. Even worse, when my lecturer started to distribute the answer sheet and asked us to fill our identity first, I failed to recall my Student ID Number I’ve had always recited by heart. At that time I knew that I was going to fail the class (but praise the God I don’t) but I didn’t mind. All I cared about was my state of mental health. I knew there was something damaged there. Only a little but it bothered me.

Little did I know that a minor car accident would affect my mental condition that much. Maybe things that I experienced was not that bad compared to those who had been through worse things. Major car accident, natural disaster, whatsoever. I was blessed enough because I wasn’t physically injured. However, that harmless accident made me traumatized.

I write this for anyone who still undervalued the effect of an accident. Just because someone is physically not wounded, doesn’t mean his/her whole being is good. So, if someone you know just experienced an accident, no matter how insignificant it was, comfort them! Don’t leave them alone, or worse, don’t blame them (especially if they’re the victim). Refrain your opinion at least until you know that they feel gradually better.

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