#ProductReview Affordable Lip Treatments for Chapped Lips

Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to share inexpensive yet impressive lips product to combat your annoying dry lips as well as comparing those three lip balms/ lip butters in the jar. Can you guess which one is the best?

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For starter I want to apologize for the ugly picture up there. I know, I know, the color composition hurts my eyes too. Disturbingly unpleasant. I feel like getting rid the picture. Uh, nemmine! Let’s move on to the product review.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera

Let’s start with the notorious Vaseline Lip Therapy. Well I don’t know if this one also happens to be famous in your country, but here, in Indonesia, almost everyone talks about and is crazy over Vaseline Lip Therapy. The word of mouth marketing is really effective that I was also eager to try this one but never had any chance to buy. No physical store near my house provides this one so the only way to get this lip therapy is shopping through online. Have I told you that I dislike online shopping?

I happened to come across a jar of Vaseline Lip Therapy when I shopped at Primark Köln, Germany and bought this for £1.50 each (equals to IDR 21,000 at that time). Do you know how much Indonesian online seller sell it? Most of them sell it for IDR 60,000 or £4.00. Dammit, I could’ve been rich if I resold the one I bought at Primark for £4.00.

How does it work? The official website of Vaseline UK claims that Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera is best for chapped lips and dry skin. Protects and relieves dry and chapped lips, while locking in moisture to help keep them healthy, they say. Is that true? Not in my case. Contrary to the claim, the lip therapy makes my lips more chapped! It sometimes stings and leaves some burning feeling on my lips. Terrible. Well, I was questioning whether or not mine is a counterfeit but then again I bought it at Primark, a trusted store, so what’s wrong with my relationship with Vaseline Lip Therapy? I wish I knew why it works fine on other people. Some things will remain as mystery, I s’pose?

Rival de Loop Young (RdeL Young) Lip Butter

I am pretty sure this one belongs completely to the Germans because the “Rival de Loop Young” Google search results are all written in Germans so I can’t compare what others think about this one.

I bought this one at Berlin Hauptbahnhof’s Rossmann out of curiosity. I originally tempted to buy RdeL Young’s lip oil but ended up with the lip butter because I didn’t (don’t) know how to ask for the new product in German!!! Alright, here’s a story. It was my second day in Germany and I wasn’t with my tour guide, just accompanied a friend with little to none knowledge on that foreign language. Everything was indeed written in German. The worst? Everyone there also spoke German only. The store keeper and us kept misinterpreting each other so we gave up on asking. It was a funny moment to be remembered about (but obviously no fun when you have to encounter that kind of situation!).

I honestly expected nothing on an £1.5 or £2.5 lip butter (I forget the exact price, the price tag had gone away). I randomly picked this one because the packaging is cute, it’s cheap, most importantly because my lips already went dry and I left my lip balm at the hotel room. As a sucker for kawaii stuffs, the eye-catchy but a bit bulky (look it rhymes) packaging instantly caught my eyes. Not only the lip butter but also the rest of RdeL Young’s products packaging are all cute!

How does it work? Despite the cheap price and not really well-known brand (at least for the one outside Deutschland), this lip butter turned out to be good! It healed my dry lips while also gave a slight pink hint on my lips. Love it. Although the texture is quite greasy, I would repurchase this one if I could. But seriously do I have to fly to Germany just for the sake of a lip butter that only lasts for months? No way because here, in Indonesia, I’ve found myself the BEST lip butter. Curious enough? Keep on reading! Anyway, RdeL Young lip butter is recommended for whoever lives/spends the holiday in Germany LOL.

Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla and Macadamia

When I talked about my holy grail lip butter, I talked about Nivea Lip Butter (this is an honest opinion). There’s only one thing that upsets me: I wish I knew about this lip butter sooner. To be frank I am so overwhelmed that I couldn’t describe it properly. Where do I start?

How does it work? So far Nivea Lip Butter is the cheapest yet the best lip butter I’ve ever had. The plus point is the smell! Aforementioned here, I am a fan of vanilla-scented stuffs. The smell of this lip butter is reaaally good I feel like applying the buttery stuffs all over my body (of course I didn’t do that!). The texture is not really greasy and it transfers well to my lips. In the morning my lips become plump and look hydrated after using this over night. Looove it! I’d definitely repurchase it but for another variants. The chocolate one sounds promising.

My two cents: Nivea Lip Butter v. Vaseline Lip Therapy

I did some research (#not) and found out that many ask which one is better, Nivea Lip Butter or Vaseline Lip Therapy?

First, let’s put aside the non accessible RdeL Young lip butter. Despite the hype, I’d definitely choose Nivea Lip Butter over Vaseline Lip Therapy. The former has nicer scent and better texture. The healing power of Nivea Lip Butter is also much, much, much better! Besides, the price of Nivea (if you happen to live in Indonesia) is cheaper than Vaseline and it’s easier to find here. Indeed, Nivea Lip Butter it is!

So, what’s your most favorite lip essentials? Let me know!

P.S. The result may vary!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla and Macadamia is my holy grail for my lip, really like the vanilla smells

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      Yes, a holy grail indeed! Haven’t found another affordable product that works as good as this one.

  2. Navia Izzati says:

    I also use the Nivea Lip Butter and I am loving it! Btw, salam kenal Tiara :D

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      I bet everyone who uses it loves it. Salam kenal juga, Navia. Your last name reminds me of my sister’s name. :D

  3. Mine is the one you get at Superdrug. Those blue and pink tins are my lifesaver and boy I got dry lips :)

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      Glad that your dry lips has found its lifesaver. Maybe later I’ll give the blue one a try. :)

      1. Now they no longer do it :( Last I went a few weeks ago, I could not find the colourful tins.

  4. @CHOCOQUEENY says:

    I dont use Nivea product 😅😅

  5. @AdinRim says:

    belum pernah pakai gituan ahaha

  6. wah, nice reference for someday.

  7. diatasawan says:

    haloo terima kasih review nya. sempet bingung mau pilih nivea lip butter atau vaseline lip therapy 😀

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      Sama-sama! Senang bisa membantu 😊😊

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