[Writing Challenge] #1: The Place I’d Like to Move to/Visit.

The first thing that ping my brain when I read the prompt is the land of the rising sun, 日本. The idea of visiting, or even moving to Japan has enchanted me ever since.

I am very aware that this part is going to be ridiculous, but talking about Japan is not complete without talking about my fictional 2D crush: Asuka Masamune, the main character of Otomen manga. In a way, Asuka played a significant role in my fondness of Japan. He was the one who ‘motivated’ me to learn basic hiragana on my first year of high school so that I could proudly write his name in hiragana. LOL. How ridiculous it was that once I knew about hiragana I started to write the hiragana version of Asuka Masamune (あすか まさむね) all over my notebook. Oh, good ol’ memories. However, when I started dating a nonfictional 3D man, the love for Asuka slowly subsided. So did my fondness of Japan.

It was the time when I got accepted in my current major, Bioprocess Engineering, that I caught sight of Japan again. Three years ago I was a damsel in distress who just got accepted in the major I did not like. At that instant, although I hadn’t started my undergraduate classes yet, I already surfed the internet to find Bioprocess related postgraduate programs abroad. I came upon a postgraduate program that suited my so-called passion, something related to medical without any contact with real blood (you can read the story here): University of Tokyo’s Department of Bioengineering. From that day on, I vowed myself to at least enroll the entrance examination of that aforementioned postgraduate program, no matter how difficult and impossible it would be to be accepted in that major. Subsequently, the yearning for visiting Japan has been developed.

I want to spend at least one year there to experience all the seasons that somewhat speak for my favorite color. The pale pink petals of sakura that gently float to the ground on spring; the red exploding fireworks that enliven the summer’s night sky; the alluring yellow autumn leaves that will guide me home; and the fluffy white snows that chill me to the bone. Hopefully I will grasp the whole experience as a 東大 graduate student (please send your prayers to me!). That would be even better if I can manage to reside in Japan, be it permanently or temporarily, after I get my master degree. Then I will earn a living by working in biomedical-related field, discovering some breakthrough that could help those in need and visiting Indonesia once or twice a year just to make sure that my parents and sisters are doing fine. What a perfect way of living a life.

For some reason I still cannot visit Japan until now. Thence all I can do is adoring the breathtaking landscape of Japan through the internet. One of my favorites is “The Colors of Japan” footage starred by Kentaro Sakaguchi.

Isn’t he the cutest? Let’s discuss about Kentaro on another post. Perhaps on challenge #9.

I guess I’ve been talking too much about a place I want to visit or to move to. What’s yours? Tell me your story on comment below, that would be my pleasure to hear yours!


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  1. rinafi3 says:

    Aku kurang mengerti bagian “started dating a nonfictional 3D man,” maksudnya cowok dunia nyata gitu?
    Dan aku baru tau ternyata kak Tiara pernah hampir menjadi dokter. Apakah nama Dr. Eamer’s Journal ada kaitannya dengan hal itu? Kalau benar, berarti kesan pertamaku ketika berkunjung ke blog ini tidak begitu salah ya😂 oh ya, aku belum menemukan post yang menjelaskan kenapa kak Tiara bisa terdampar di jurusan sekarang. Aku penasaran nih😆

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      Hahaha iya, dating sama cowok beneran. Iya betul, awalnya nama Dr. Eamer’s Journal emang maksudnya antara the ‘dr.’ sama plesetan dari dreamer (got what I mean?), tapi karena harapanku sudah pupus jadi ngga ada maknanya deh judul blogku haha jadi curhat. Aduh, post tentang itu udah hampir dua tahun nangkring di draftku belum sempet aku lanjutin. Mungkin liburan ini aku selesaiin deh, mengingat udah mau lulus juga dari sini. Ngga lucu kalau baru ngepost pas udah lulus hahaha stay tuned!

      1. rinafi3 says:

        Cia cia~~ I think you are just a straight and serious person. Yang pikirannya ke depaan aja, fokus belajar, masa depan, bla bla bla. Nggak ada waktu buat mikiran hal yang menye2 kayak percintaan. But, We Only Live Once (WOLO)😂 So, its not wrong to enjoy it with something like that.
        I got it! Nggak papa kok nggak ada maknanya. Istilahnya kayak nggak dapet gelar dokter, maka nama blog pun jadi.

  2. Berharap suatu saat saya juga bisa jalan2 ke jepang 😊

    1. tiaralesmana says:

      Me too! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. :D

  3. @CHOCOQUEENY says:

    Its a nice place. 😄 Salah satu tempat yg ingin aku kunjungi suatu saat nanti. 🙃
    Tapi aku juga punya tempat favoritku sendiri kk, yaitu Korea Selatan. 😊

  4. @AdinRim says:

    pingin ke jepang ya? bayangan saya kok kalau di sana itu banyak orang2 yg mirip sama tokoh anime, ya gak sih? Haha

  5. wuu Jepang, selalu suka gambaran Jepang saat autumn.

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