[Writing Challenge] #2: Welcome to My Playlist

Put your music player on shuffle. Write about the first five songs that play and what your initial thought is.

Before we go any further, please hold back your “why the fuck do you download a song you don’t listen to” question whenever you feel like it. よろしくおねがいします.

So, welcome on board!

#1 Bawah Laut – Bisma Karisma

Initial thought: “Ah, this song!! It’s been a while” (See, what a boring initial thought I got there.)

When I first heard that Bisma Karisma was going to sing this iconic Little Mermaid OST, I cringed. My bad, I know, for underestimating him due to his prior boy band’s reputation. Surprisingly, Bisma’s unique voice blended well with the music and it made this song more enjoyable. Yes, I was jinxed, because at the end of the day this translated version of “Under the Sea” became one of my favorite songs in We Love Disney (Indonesia) album.  Lesson learned: Never judge a song based on its singer. Can we make that famous?

#2 We Don’t Believe What’s on TV – twenty one pilots

Initial thought: “Wait, what?

Yup, this is the aforementioned “a song you don’t listen to”. How ridiculous it was. Once this song came up, I was really confused and a bit spaced out because I had no idea about what the song it was, who sang it, even I hardly remembered that I ever downloaded this song. Major failure. One minute later, I skipped this song because this newly discovered song was not my cup of tea. Enough, this is awkward.

#3 America – Imagine Dragons

Initial thought: “Matte, was this challenge meant to connect me with the abandoned songs on my iTunes library?

Another long forgotten song on my music player. America is the kind of I-listen-to-this-song-just-because-my-music-player-wants-me-to aka I never intended to listen to this song unless it was being shuffled. That said, I was only familiar with the title and the Rise to the top of the world, America… America, don’t you cry. Lift me up, give me strength to press on part. PS. this is the only song from Imagine Dragons that I never skipped.

#4 Yellow – Coldplay

Initial thought: “Finally, a fave *sigh*”

Despite the hype, I never consider myself as a fan of Coldplay. There are only some of their song that I can actually enjoy, and Yellow happens to be one of them. I have nothing much to say but I hope Coldplay will produce more songs with Yellow’s vibe. *finger crossed*

#5 What Hurts the Most – Boyce Avenue (Cover)

Initial thought: “BOYCE AVENUE???”

I felt so nostalgic as the song played because it’s BOYCE-DAMN-AVENUE!!! I still remember how I used to like them so much to the point my music player circa 2010-ish was dominated by their cover songs. God, they were so famous back then and now I’ve lost track. And the song itself… What hurts the most was being so close, and having so much to say, and watching you walk away, and never knowing what could have been. Ouch, help me. Something just stabbed my not-yet-healed fragile heart. 

That’s all for writing challenge #2! This challenge went so ridiculously wrong after my iTunes decided to play a song I had no idea about. Before posting this blog post, there was an inner conflict between my ego and my inner integrity (is that even a word?), whether I should change the song to uphold my reputation or just let it be, which was finally won by my integrity #proud #yay. Besides, this challenge also brought up the songs I haven’t listened to for years. Feels like nostalgia!

Anyway, are you brave enough to shuffle your music player and share the first five song that come up on the comment below?


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