Brabbeltaal #010: (not-so) Super WTF Moment

Hi, guys. Has something so bizarrely coincidental ever occurred to you, that you went all “wtf” when you realized what has just happened?

Earlier today, something bizarre just happened to me. For the second time this year.

The first one happened on the night of May 1st. Around 9 PM (GMT+7), the thought of how Stephen King’s The Long Walk resembled our school system suddenly echoed in my mind. If I’m not mistaken, at that time I was halfway through the reading, but I was postponing the read due to, you know, school. School was a bit hectic at that time that I had to motivate myself with “Hint 6: Slow and easy does it”. Then I continued tweeting about how everyone you meet is actually your rival, but somehow you still need them to keep going before I realized it’s the first of May. All of you who have read Stephen King’s The Long Walk must’ve known that the annual The Walk started on May 1st at 9:00 AM. And the fact that I, all of sudden, thought of The Long Walk right at the time when The Walk should’ve taken place was more than enough to chill me to the bone.

And another bizarre coincidence also happened to me today, Aug 9th. I was on the way to work when suddenly the only thing I could think about was And Then There Were None, both the novel and the BBC’s TV series. My brain kept replaying the scene where the party occurred and everyone was wasted:


“Prisoners at the bar, how do you plead?” “GUIIILTYYYY”. The most iconic scene on BBC’s TV series and my instant personal favorite!

Besides, the temptation to reread the book was so real! I couldn’t fight the urge to reread the book, so I did. I have only read several pages when something struck me…

I have received your name from the Skilled Women’s Agency together with their recommendation. I understand they know you personally. I shall be glad to pay you the salary you ask and shall expect you to take up your duties on August 8th. The train is the 12:40 from Paddington and you will be met at Oakbridge station. I enclose five pound notes for expenses.

Yours truly,

Una Nancy Owen.


I had to read that paragraph thrice before everything made sense to me. If they were all expected to show up on August 8th, it means that today, many decades ago, was technically their first full day of being left stranded on the isolated Indian Island until there were none of them left. I was sort of puzzled as I got the picture. Because real talk, I was never aware of date. I barely even remember John Mayer’s DOB, let alone the ones when something not-really-important happened in books. Despite them being my favorites.

I know there’s nothing actually wrong with this revelation, but still… it felt so bizarre. In a cool way. Like somehow I am so connected with the book I’ve read that my subconscious mind notified me about that book on the day an event took place. LOL.

Okay, sorry for another shitpost. Hehe. I’m signing out. Bubbye!


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