2018 (so far)

I started 2018 with an impulsive act that drastically changed my life: decluttering my bedroom!

It was a casual night of January first. I was laying on my bed, scrolling through my social media’s timeline, trying to return to my reading (it was “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” by Haruki Murakami), but I was too distracted to understand any words. Too many thoughts running through my head.

Then I did something that surprised myself: I got out of my bed, went straight to a desk where last semester’s leftovers were piled up, then I started to declutter. Honestly it felt like somebody had taken control of my life. I mean, the me that I knew wouldn’t declutter out of sheer boredom. That was beyond imagination. But I was very grateful for that!

After that unbelievable, once in a blue moon moment I sensed that my mind had been clearer than ever and felt like a brand new person. Seemed to me that not only did I purge my belongings, I also purged the ‘toxins’ inside me during the process. LOL. At that time it felt like all the dark cloud had disappeared and all I could see was the bright, warm sunshine. Oh, the heck did I just write. But trust me decluttering is fun (as long as you’re forced to)! I recommend you guys to declutter on your leisure.

Besides decluttering and redecorating my used-to-be-a-very-messy-bedroom, there are also several things that happen to me/that I do on the first four weeks of twenty eighteen. So, during these weeks I:

  • have the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breakout ever. My skin’s been on its worst condition since last November when things became insanely frenzy. Sleep deprivation, stress, poor dietary habit, etc etc. led to massive breakout. Acnes popped here and there, dry patches here and there. I was quite frustrated I gave up everything to take care of my skin. But now I’m just thiiiis close to giving up on taking care of my skin. Whatever, just let it be. #PimplesAreCool #Not
  • keep myself hydrated. I make myself drinking at least 1.5 L of water per day. Actually I’ve been doing this since Oct/Nov, but now I’m stepping up my game to drink at least 2 L of water a day. After doing this habit for months, I start to notice that my physical health is a bit improved, it gets better. Whether it’s a mere Placebo Effect or not, I don’t know and I don’t really care. Just stay hydrated, minasan.
  • change my reading attitude. When I’m halfway into a book and it still doesn’t knock the socks off, I stop reading the said book right away. This is a new thing for me. Earlier I often forced myself to finish books that many book bloggers/vloggers rave about #FoMO, but eventually I realized that the reason I read books is solely for my own pleasure, so what’s the point of doing so? Everyone’s liking is different and there’s no problem in that.
  • keep a conventional diary and an audio-diary. Do people still write diary on paper? That is so early 2000s I know, but it’s 2018 and I’m slowly turning back to pen-and-paper diary. The best thing is I can write whatever I want, no matter how private or controversial the topic is, and I don’t have to edit and re-edit it. Yay! And do you know how great it is to read your old handwritten writings? FYI I kept this one journal for two years and re-reading the writings from some years/months ago gives me mixed feelings, in a good way, and I love it. As for the audio-diary, well I’m not sure whether it is a thing or not, but it’s the best alternative when I’m too lazy to write down my thoughts. Plus point: it helps me to improve my speaking skill because I suck at speaking.
  • learn how to cook. I never knew how amusing it was to mess around the kitchen, to experiment with whatever spices available, or to choke on your very own too-spicy food. Failure is a bestfriend. For instance I once went through a day with burning sensation on my throat because I put too many garlic into my food. Great experience indeed, made me exclude garlic on my next experiments. My food tastes ‘one of a kind’ but I don’t care as long as it is edible. That being said, I can make sure that I will no longer starve when my mom is not around. #TiaraMandiri2018
  • learn new languages. I started to learn new languages simply because I was bored and I had nothing to do. I’m currently learning Korean and German using language learning apps on my iPod (oh, anyway I plan to write a separate post about some applications for learning new languages and the comparisons, but since I hardly keep my words on this platform don’t expect anything OK). Korean is quite enigmatic. So far all I can do is reading 한글 and of course I still stutter a lot. No hope for memorizing the phrases #GoldfishMemory. For the grammar I figured out that learning Japanese helps me to understand the Korean grammar better. Both have similar arrangement. During the course I have to switch my brain to Japanese mode to understand a simple sentence in Korean. As for German, I somewhat find it fascinating. Favorite part: chatting with bot on DuoLingo and creating my own version of GermanxEnglish phrases because why not. I haven’t learned about the grammar comprehensively though. Maybe later. And for the progress of the said languages, well this is embarrassing why am I doing this, I must say it’s 2.00% for Korean and 2.01% for German. LOL.

I am satisfied with the improvements that I made. Things that I’ve been doing might mean nothing for some people and the changes I went through might go unnoticeable for some, but knowing myself all too well, I know that so far this is enough for me. Even more than enough. It’s safe to say that I am happy with my current life. I hope it lasts long and gets better day by day. I am so grateful. <3

By the way I’m starting to work on my thesis. Wish me luck!



  1. Hoping the universe doesn’t put you on trials nor tribulations, life can be an ass when you’re trying to complete your thesis in time (like someone destroying your sample or breaking your equipment) :((

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