2018 (so far)

I started 2018 with an impulsive act that drastically changed my life: decluttering my bedroom! It was a casual night of January first. I was laying on my bed, scrolling through my social media’s timeline, trying to return to my reading (it was “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” by Haruki Murakami), but…

Being Freed from Cage (and Doesn’t Like It)

Hello! It’s July already and my timeline is literally full of people talking about Game of Thrones S07. So fed up with it—not because I’m that “hey I don’t watch GoT, you basic” kind of snobs, but because I’ve only watched the first two seasons I couldn’t keep up with the updates. LOL. For now let’s…

Now I’ve stopped watering the dead flowers

I am so fed up with my current uni life. Everything becomes a mess because of things called group projects. As far as I know, group projects are actually meant to lessen the amount of works to do and to ease the burden. On the contrary, what really happens to me is the exact opposite….

Never Been Your Fault; It’s Mine

This afternoon I realized my misjudgement: you did not change. You are still you, the endearing guy who never ceases to spread the benignity. As I realized that, I felt so bad for accusing you. Little did I know that I was the wicked one. Have always been, will always be. Here I write something for you, if you care enough to read….

Does Time Really Heal?

Never had I thought you’d be this cruel, My Dear Gus. You, whom I thought were blessed with the kindest and purest soul, were the one who cut open the scratch you’ve left me with and poured salts on the fresh reopened wound of mine afterward. I thought you felt regretful over those mistakes in the past, thus you let me have…

The harder it is to stop, the more hurt it becomes.

Half decade, darling, I thought I had been flying. I am free falling. With no parachute packed, nor knowledge of how to land. I’ve spent too long hovering in the air. Too long, I forget how terra firma feels like. Now, the nearsighted oculus can see the pavement clearly. The solid ground is ready to catch me….

Shooing The Anxiety Away.

Every night these weeks, I had to deal with anxiety and absorbed by many thoughts of it. Constantly, I reflected about the regrets of things that should have been done and should not have. I kept thinking about the past and distressing the future. I blamed myself for being me. At that time, I was…

Brabbeltaal #006

Back in Jakarta, I’d made plot to compose a billet-doux for you and throw it away somewhere in Berlin, but once I reached Tegel airport, none of the thoughts of you appeared. Auf wiedersehen, I’m finally over you.

A Shattered Dream: dr. Tiara Putri

People say nothing lasts forever, and my dream of becoming a doctor isn’t nothing. So, I should’ve been prepared, for I already knew it would not last forever.

The Twentieth Trip Around The Sun

H A P P Y N E W Y E A A A A R!   20 16. I personally translate it into: going to be twenty years young, but still wanting to live like sixteen years young (I resent the word old!). So scared of getting older, I’m only good at being young. To…

High School Vs. Uni Life

Happy Thursday, Y’All! Apparently, this week is the first week of uni after months of not-so holiday. The third semester is gonna be more complicated than the previous semesters, especially the subjects. Just in case you’re wondering how complicated they are, here I give you the list: Basic Physics 2 + Lab, Transport Phenomena, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry…