The harder it is to stop, the more hurt it becomes.

Half decade, darling, I thought I had been flying. I am free falling. With no parachute packed, nor knowledge of how to land. I’ve spent too long hovering in the air. Too long, I forget how terra firma feels like. Now, the nearsighted oculus can see the pavement clearly. The solid ground is ready to catch me….

Brabbeltaal #006

Back in Jakarta, I’d made plot to compose a billet-doux for you and throw it away somewhere in Berlin, but once I reached Tegel airport, none of the thoughts of you appeared. Auf wiedersehen, I’m finally over you.


Not many know that I am a tea person. Nope, not a person who falls head over heels for teas and knows the list of the tea around the world. I am actually that inexperienced protagonist who has been stuck to one kind of tea throughout her entire lifetime; a bag of black tea brewed with boiling water and mixed with sweetener,…