A Late September Morning Thought

I initially was jubilant to notice that both of us shared numerous similar traits. The longer I mulled over that, the more I figured out why we were never intended to be together. Because sine squared needed cosine squared to become one. And the north pole of a magnet would only align with the south pole of the other. It was…

Evening Stroll.

Pukul enam sore di Amsterdam. Pelajaran hari ini cukup menguras tenaga serta pikiran kedua mahasiswi asal Kota Kembang. Oleh karena itu, mereka menolak ajakan teman-temannya untuk menjelajahi pusat kota dan lebih memilih untuk menghabiskan sisa hari dengan beristirahat di dorm yang sudah mereka tempati selama sepuluh hari. “Zar,” – yang dipanggil hanya mengangguk, acuh tak…

Monday, 07:36pm

The last Monday in June, twelve days since she saw him pedalling fast as the rain poured down. Now, the drizzles had been replaced by the summer breezes, the ones that turned everyone’s hair into a mess; including hers. She nearly cursed at the wind for getting her straightened hair in such a mess, but…

Superman Got Nothing On Me.

As they walked to the nearest bus stop, he studied a young woman steps ahead of him. He had been secretly holding back his feelings and emotions for her. Four years, he counted. The feeling had developed so strong, he no longer could control it. Even looking at her back made his blood rush through his veins.

Tuesday, 02:50pm

Who would expect a sudden rain in the middle of June. For June was supposed to be warm, full of sunshine and bright skies. But what happened this morning was the total opposite: it was raining cat and dog.