John Mayer’s “The Search for Everything” Wave One

Let’s have a casual talk about my man crush forever who just released an EP last week: John Clayton Mayer. After years of waiting, Mayer finally let us hear something new from him: The Search for Everything Wave One. The concept of this album is unique, it’s partitioned into several waves. On his Facebook official page, he…

Serotonin Overflow

Hi! Just got home from campus. Today I successfully failed the LLE quiz but I felt nothing close to miserable because you know what, JOHN MAYER RELEASED A NEW SONG TODAY!!! It was all start days ago when he began to give us a hint on his Twitter and Instagram account. I was busy with uni-slash-personal life…

In Your Atmosphere 

I’m gonna steer clear, because I’d die if I saw you, I’d die if I didn’t see you.


GUYS!!! JOHN MAYER JUST TWEETED THAT HE’S GONNA BE BACK TO STUDIO. IN JANUARY. WITH CONTINUUM CREW. WHO’S NOT EXCITED????????? This is the best thing he ever tweeted about. 💓💓 I’m literally shaking this is so good I CANNOT. 😭😭  

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran feat. JOHN MAYER

Yesterday, I just tweeted this and guess what! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! Yes, my imagination turned out to be a reality. I am flattered that I guessed the song right. LOL. They just performed Ed’s current hits, Thinking Out Loud, which also happened to be one of my current favorite songs, at Grammys 2015. WOW. I could…

Long Time No Post.

Whoa, it’s been months since the last time I posted here! After days of f’ed up sleeping schedule, I finally had a good night’s sleep last night. Credits to Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer, my #1 sleeping pill. This song never fails to make me sleepy. I don’t know how or why, it just works like…


H A L L O. Hari ini agak ngebingungin, tapi yang jelas seneng karena AKANG MENYAPA GUE DULUAN!!! Each and every one of you has to know this bombastic news. Okay, I’ll stop. I am here not to brag about that. Post kali ini disebabkan oleh salah satu, well, ada dua sih, temen gue yang ngomongin John Mayer bareng gue….