[Writing Challenge] #18: half a decade journey, summed up

It’s embarrassing how I answer this “how have you changed in the past five years” prompt literally five years after I started the writing challenge that’s supposed to end five years ago. However, I am glad that it took me five years to reach this question. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to answer it dueContinue reading “[Writing Challenge] #18: half a decade journey, summed up”

#SniffnTell: Indonesia’s underrated niche-like unisex perfumes, Mine. and MATRÉ

Hi. These days I’ve seen so many new local release that triggers the FOMO in me. The thought of wanting to have each and every perfumes out there haunts me. Guilty as charged. So putting aside the never ending launches, today I want to share two local perfumes with legit niche-like quality that is somehowContinue reading “#SniffnTell: Indonesia’s underrated niche-like unisex perfumes, Mine. and MATRÉ”

the olfactive journey: Alien Objects x Doraemon – Shizuka

It’s your favorite family activity: grocery shopping! You were 10, wandering around the toiletries aisle searching for a shampoo you’d put on your long black hair. Anything with pink bottle enticed you, until you found one with your favorite girl superhero smiling widely on the cover. The burst of sweet fruity scent entered your noseContinue reading “the olfactive journey: Alien Objects x Doraemon – Shizuka”

[Writing Challenge] #17: inside Tiara’s time capsule

I can say that I am not a memory hoarder. I barely collect things, including photos, that will remind me of certain moment in life. I love to let the memory loose. If it’s worth remembering enough, my brain will store them well for me to recall. That being said, there’s almost nothing on theContinue reading “[Writing Challenge] #17: inside Tiara’s time capsule”

#SniffnTell BIES Blossom Series 101 — affordable & versatile frags for all occasions

Are you familiar with BIES? BIES is a perfume house from Poland that is specialized in making fragrance with good scent, good packaging, and good price. Up until now they have launched dozens of fragrances with most being the dupes of multiple high end brands. In 2020 BIES expanded their business to Indonesia making itContinue reading “#SniffnTell BIES Blossom Series 101 — affordable & versatile frags for all occasions”

[Writing Challenge] #16: from mainstream music to… salmon

One of the most popular social media discourses which I never engaged in: music preference. As someone who listens to literally all kind of music that sounds good to my ears, I got nothing against mainstream music. The term mainstream implies that the majority of people are able to enjoy it. What is music ifContinue reading “[Writing Challenge] #16: from mainstream music to… salmon”

#SniffnTell DreamScentz™ in Carl & Claire’s Dream Catcher Pillow Mist

Menyambung post sebelumnya mengenai jadwal tidur yang berantakan, kali ini aku mau sharing salah satu pillow mist lokal yang belakangan ini lagi sering ku pakai: Carl & Claire – Dream Catcher Pillow Mist. Hingga saat ini varian Dream Catcher terdiri dari dua produk: EDP dan pillow mist. Keduanya mempunyai notes yang sama dan diproduksi menggunakanContinue reading “#SniffnTell DreamScentz™ in Carl & Claire’s Dream Catcher Pillow Mist”

the journey of fixing irregular sleeping pattern

One of my 2022 goals is to get enough and regular good-quality sleep. Seems trivial and insignificant? Not if you have long history of irregular sleeping schedule. My sleeping schedule has always been a mess since I was in high school. It has gotten better once I started my full time job which required meContinue reading “the journey of fixing irregular sleeping pattern”

[Writing Challenge] #15: when the Sun set in the east

The distorted image of you reflected on the dusty car window. I racked my brain the entire ride searching for the conversation that wouldn’t leave awkward silence between us, you managed to keep it flowing. Don’t ask me what we talked about because even up until now the only thing I remember is how youContinue reading “[Writing Challenge] #15: when the Sun set in the east”

2¢ in anti aging

There’s an interesting discourse on Twitter this week in which a 28 year old actress became the brand ambassador of over-the-counter anti aging skincare line. A Twitter user was in rage, saying that it’s depressing how someone who’s not considered as old became the face of anti aging line and, direct quote from their tweet,Continue reading “2¢ in anti aging”

#SniffnTell rediscovering House of Medici + new member introduction!

Hai, hai! Di Mei 2021 aku sempet nulis pendapatku tentang 4 parfum dari House of Medici dan surprisingly post tersebut cukup banyak yang baca. Trus aku iseng baca ulang dong dan oh God.. sotoy dan snob banget ya, padahal ilmunya dangkal! Hahaha. Pas baca ulang tuh aku mikir, “Hah, masa sih wanginya gini? Kalau liatContinue reading “#SniffnTell rediscovering House of Medici + new member introduction!”

[Writing Challenge] #14: love is a verb

As John Mayer has written in one of his songs, “Love is a verb, it ain’t a thing. It’s not something you own. It’s not something you scream” I agree with him. Love is an act. One cannot possess love, but each person can do something about it. It isn’t something that comes out ofContinue reading “[Writing Challenge] #14: love is a verb”

the olfactive journey: Floraïku – Between Two Trees

The smell of bitter woody with a touch of fruitiness transported me to a lodge between trees. The year was ending, the heavy rain has not seemed to cease. I was all alone enjoying the short getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city. It was undeniably freezing outside yet I chose to sitContinue reading “the olfactive journey: Floraïku – Between Two Trees”

#SniffnTell: crowd pleasing florals from Zara x Jo Malone Vibrant Cities Collection (2021)

Hi! Who’s here a Zara fragrance enjoyer? Their fragrance section is always worth checking especially if you’re looking for affordable fragrance with decent scent and performance. Since 2019 Zara has been stepping up their game by collaborating with the notorious Jo Malone as the nose behind some of their fragrances, making it even more interestingContinue reading “#SniffnTell: crowd pleasing florals from Zara x Jo Malone Vibrant Cities Collection (2021)”