Monday, 07:36pm

The last Monday in June, twelve days since she saw him pedalling fast as the rain poured down. Now, the drizzles had been replaced by the summer breezes, the ones that turned everyone’s hair into a mess; including hers. She nearly cursed at the wind for getting her straightened hair in such a mess, but stopped once she saw what the breeze has done to him. She liked his messy hair better.

“Sorry. The traffic was terrible,”

She had planned to throw tantrum at him for making her wait outside the train station for twenty minutes, but seeing his exhausted face… “Never mind. I just got here too,”

Several weeks ago, when the professor announced the group list for the final project, she was delighted to find his name written next to hers. She thought, by being partners, she could get the chance to know him better. Maybe she would know his favorite movies, songs on his playlist, and other little things about him afterward.

Expecting someone to turn your hopes into reality was stupid, especially if you did not initiate the action by yourself. That was her who wanted to know him more, but she had done nothing in return. Three hours was spent in the city library, yet none about the personal matters was exchanged. She lacked in courage to start the conversation, which led her to disappointment as they walked back to the train station side by side. Still, no word spilled.

“Could you walk faster? There are ten minutes until your last train leaves. We’d better be hurry, or else you will spend tonight as a homeless,”

She paused, taken aback by his words, before forcing herself to keep walking. Thousand butterflies flew in her stomach. The fact that he knew her train schedule made her flattered, she couldn’t take control of her lips from drawing an asymmetrical smile.

She tried to increase her pace, but could not run any faster. However, once the panic dominated her as she saw the last train was about to leave, she ran like Usain Bolt, leaving him behind.

No goodbyes exchanged.

Sixteen hours later, she sat on the pins and needles, dressed in oversized T-shirt and sweatpants. She had checked her WhatsApp for hundred times, but it remained the same.

Two blue check marks.

He did not seem to take effort to reply the message she sent right after she received his ‘Take care’ message. She set her hopes too high. She thought he started to like her, but she was wrong.

There’s a lesson she should learn, about a thing he has mastered of, besides calculus and soccer, leaving her hanging in the middle of he starts to like me thought.



  1. Omg I LOVE UR WRITINGS!! I just happened to stumble upon your blog hy accident and I must say, I was taken aback by your eloquency in writing stories!! (Or is this the real deal, omg you go girl!!)

    Would love seeing more of your pieces of mind in the future.

  2. mengetahui orang yang kita suka, tahu sesuatu tentang kita memang menyentuh, bikin baper dan melambungkan harapan. Aku mengerti itu dan tidak menyalahkan orang-orang yang sempat berangan-angan meski banyak diantara mereka hancur oleh angan-angan yang mereka bangun. Tapi begitulah cinta, begitulah kebahagiaan karena dapat merasakannya. Btw kumpulan ilustrasi fotonya keren, i like it.

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